Miles I Have Voyage


Miles have I gone on earth and via ocean

Aircrafts, pontoons, trains and vehicles conveyed me

Transports and bikes, skates and by walking

Of development and travel I’ve known a great deal

Over earth and seas and mists above

Felt desire to investigate and all Nature to cherish

On baby’s bikes I previously figured out how to ride

Unconscious of every single future ride alongside

Cycled calm streets seeing island enchant

Also, the moderate quiet ride in a ship around evening time

I’ve delighted in riding smooth miles on a bicycle

Done bunches of strolling however neglected to bum a ride

Skimmed on ice to tumble from skates and smashed

Walked around sun, and in showers of downpour I’ve dashed

I’ve paddled on the Torrens and had a great time

Ship rides on Sydney Harbor and Swan

Voyage cable cars and transports and cabs, as well

Electric blue flashes of a trolley transport to the zoo

I’ve imparted to hundreds some days on a voyage

Wandered outlandish markets new sustenances to pick

I’ve been on sailboats and on yachts

Hearing breeze in sails and discuss reef ties

Intrigued I’ve seen mansions in France

Envisioned old occasions and past move

Engine drifting on tropic waters warm

Investigating the green coral islands’ appeal

Terrifying vehicle ride with a silly companion

Whose student’s frailties I couldn’t outrage

I’ve figured out how to fly in a Tiger moth old

What’s more, aced driving a vehicle in the harsh elements

Experienced torrid traffic hooters

Coolly ridden on Italian bikes

Driven a huge number of separation over dry sands

Also, flown a large number of miles to inaccessible terrains

Secured numerous antagonistic miles without dread

On steamer chugged and moved over the Bight

I delighted in the pontoon excursion and sea’s sight

As I’ve gone east to west and returned by flight

The incomparable Nullarbor Plain I’ve watched skim by

Where you’ll not see a tree on the off chance that you flicker your eye

As the train surges along from east to west

Or on the other hand from west to east, if it’s there you adore best

Hushed to rest by cadence of train’s solid wheels

I’ve known train-travel and the solace it feels!

Miles over desert to look for desert well

I’ve voyage short, fearless excursions on a camel

Tremendous stretches of deserts been seen by me

Furthermore, high piles of snowed Himalaya

Been in a bygone vehicle in high Kathmandu

Flushed with excellence of Mt Annapurna

I’ve been separated from everyone else in the old piece of Kathmandu

Wishing I could have had karma to meet you

Strolling round London’s dark stormy city

Ached that I’d over multi day – ’twas a pity

Only i’ve sped smooth in refined limousines

Furthermore, free with the breeze in my hair on a bicycle

Middle savage tempests I’ve known harsh move of waves

I’ve known the smooth calm trip of a lightweight flyer

I’ve seen the Pacific Sea, silvered by Moon

Liquid enchantment, whiteness in evening time agony

I’ve walked promenade’s friendly ways

Also, hurried to get to a gathering on time some days

I’ve swum a couple of miles – truly, just barely a couple

In surf, waterway, pool, narrows, coral isle as well

Climbed the high island precipices of Ruler Howe

Strolled through nature’s lavish rainforest beneath

Jumped with flippers beneath the huge coral ocean

So the submerged world likewise uncovered to me

I’ve skipped, jumped and nearly glided in space

Whirled and twirled in move in total elegance

I’ve played loads of tennis, practiced fiery, free

I’ve twisted, tended my patio nursery and embraced a tree

Strolled delicate miles of botanic gardens and blossoms

In botanic greenery enclosures spent many fulfilling hours

Experienced Fiji in summer-travelers moist enjoyment

Differentiating our nation’s dry warmth situation

Appreciated miles in business sectors’ outlandish joys

Purchasing striking articles of clothing and many organic product treasures

Noumea was an ideal opportunity to stop for sluggish pausing,

With red poincianas my incredible reassurance

Tahiti on entry was sultry, weird, substantial, hot

Without inspiration I truly didn’t care for it a ton

I’ve walked down laneways and run a race

Ridden a difficult old bother in a remote spot

I recall affectionate rides in the out-dated cable car

Also, longed for the tramp home in a troop

I’ve had static occasions and straightforward delights of a home

Moving as slanted as every single free soul wander

I’ve moved a reel with an accomplice in kilts

What’s more, gone for a reluctant stroll on stilts

Both polka and three step dance I’ve skipped and moved

Indeed, even astral went as I’ve rested spellbound

I’ve cruised the breezes on tropic waters warm

Waters smooth, clear with no dread of mischief

I’ve known hardness of knock travel in a jeep

Furthermore, endured later in getting the opportunity to rest

I’ve rested chilly, alone in a camping bed

On a dim starry night, on a mountain bluff

Ski lifts of Swiss snow capped mountains so white

Offered wonderful perspectives from their stormy tallness

I’ve flown over the white snows of the Alps

What’s more, over the everlasting hard dim blue of the ocean

On the way to Peru’s Lima and old Cusco as well

What’s more, by transport weaved our way up to Macchu Picchu

Staying there at Macchu Picchu finally, very still

Savoring the magnificence as I probably am aware you will

When you venture to every part of the miles over land and ocean

To these antiquated vestiges, where fogs rise ethereally

I’ve heard the enchantment music of Andean woodwinds

Played in the dry high Andean Mountains

Ridden the substantial red earth of estate trees

Of espresso – with an old bother as mount for me

Watching the red earthed cultivates in Brazil

Not espresso but rather individuals draw in me there still

There’re numerous ways I have ventured to every part of the miles

Such a significant number of I can barely think to check…

Rickshaws of arrange curiosity usually observed

Be that as it may, mean, torment racked the poor drivers have been

Travel by Indian draw trucks causes a joke

Until thought is given to the poor feet of the driver chap

I cherish the break in the railroad click-rattle

Solace, content – going ahead, not back

Numerous the approaches to appreciate past movement days

Held by pith of recollections ways

Energized by movement, yet frequently exhausted by it

New things been seen and charms regularly shared

There’re many fine travel modes I’ve been appeared

However one stays just to spacemen known

Notwithstanding envisioning, my spirit astral ventures space

Returning at morn with grin all over

In any case, the most delightful development I currently appreciate

Is the unadulterated opportunity my mind flight gives me

My brain has the wings I now generally appreciate

When I need to venture out from here to there

Mind knows no restriction, no tickets to get

Identification and course by creative energy is set

Soul appreciates regular rush of movement to see

New faces, new places, new blooms and trees

Odd propensities and traditions, scenes in abundance

Yet, sooner or later present day travel can demonstrate a drag

The more youthful travel miles satisfy our spirit until

We realize that it’s an ideal opportunity to change stay composed

Presently rather than voyager’s compelling impulse to meander

Is a yearning for favored spot to call home

It remains that we get to excellence of all movement happiness

At the point when put away in the abundance of our memory’s utilize

Of the marvel, ferocity, regular wonder of life

We’re favored to have realized it free of struggle

Our reality’s presently undermined in numerous a way

Times for safe voyaging are less step by step

I’ve known numerous modes, developments, voyaged ways

What’s more, appreciated the numerous miles of my voyaging days

Be that as it may, maybe best of all I like strolling by walking

What’s more, being old now I want most to remain put

Time presently to lean back on my lounge chair with T.V.

To give all make a trip a chance to encounter come to me.


To recollect travel, new sights and sounds

Distinctive bizarre individuals feet contacting new ground

Nature and urban communities north, south, east and west

All spots have their very own extraordinary appeal

As we test opportunity’s wings and our heart sings

Memory helps to remember the brilliant wild,

The wonder, the magnificence of the entire world

Reviewing travel delights, I lie on my sofa

Brain unbounded, no tickets to get,

No identification, infusions or boisterous stream

No exertion presently required for muscle, appendage

No motivation to stress that eyes are diminish

No need depend on innovation’s ability

No compelling reason to fear a mishap or spill

An incredible best of all development I presently appreciate free

Is this awesome free flight my mind provides for me!………..

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